The Invaru workshop maintains all aids rented or purchased from Invaru. If possible, we also offer maintenance and repairs for aids purchased from other companies.

It is important to note here that all aids rented from Invaru are maintained and repaired free of charge either at the customer's location or at Invaru's workshop. If necessary, we also offer a replacement aid for the repair.

If desired, we also offer an aid washing and cleaning service, which we can perform only in the Invaru workshop. If necessary, we offer transport of the aid to the workshop and back.

For maintenance, repair or cleaning of the tool, please contact the customer service representatives in our offices or call the information line 602 5400. The time of repair and maintenance is agreed with each customer separately.

Prices of services:

Aid maintenance / repair / challenge Free of charge for equipment rented from Invarufree
Maintenance / repair of the aid20 €/h
Mechanic's call fee10 €/h
Washing the aid

30 €/aid

The fee is calculated to the nearest half an hour. The cost of spare parts is added to the price of the service.