Rental of aids and rental conditions

In Invaru aid center we quite often have to discuss with those in need and their relatives when it makes sense to rent a aid and when to buy it. For example, during the summer, beautiful weather attracts people to move around more, which is why there is interest in temporary aids. Instead of buying them, you should opt for renting. When an aid is needed for the first time, there is often confusion and a question of what to do. For some reason, Estonians generally like it when things are their own - also in the case of aids.

In the case of assistive devices, however, we need to look at a little different aspects - the change in health for the better or worse, in the case of children, their growth and the period of time during which the assistive device is needed. The state incentive for the acquisition of aid also sets its own framework.

When to rent?

Renting an aid makes sense, firstly, if it is a temporary trauma that requires mobility aid to recover. For example, in the case of foot injuries, when it is necessary to use a crutch, a support frame or even a wheelchair, renting is definitely more reasonable. In this way, the cost of the aid is lower and, in addition, the aid does not end up staying useless at home.

In addition, maintenance and repair of aids rented from Invaru is free of charge. In cooperation with our competent customer service representatives, you will always find the most suitable aid for you. In case of the need for more complex aids or health conditions, clients are advised by physiotherapists or occupational therapists. Counseling is done in cooperation with a technician. Therapists and technicians will assist you in selecting and adapting the device, as well as instructing you on how to use the device.